Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

IT-Grundschutz Tool - Other tools for IT-Grundschutz

In addition to the official BSI GSTOOL, various third party suppliers have also developed tools to support your work with the IT-Grundschutz Manual.

Tools provided by other companies (in alphabetical order)


  • The names of tools offered by other companies on IT-Grundschutz are simply listed.
  • The listed companies have to have signed a licence contract to process data from the IT-Grundschutz Manual with BSI.
  • BSI has checked neither the program quality nor the correct implementation of the Baseline Protection Manual in the software.
  • The list may not be complete.
  • If you would like your tool offering on the procedure in accordance with the IT-Grundschutz to be added to the list, please send an email to gstool@bsi.bund.de.
  • Entering "Toolangebot" in the subject line will facilitate our work substantially.
  • The list only contains direct links to tools on offer (no general company links!).
  • If possible, active content should not be used in displaying the tools offering.
  • Listing the tool on offer above does not give the companies listed the right to advertise that they co-operate with the BSI or to make similar statements in their advertising.
  • Invalid links or ones that do not meet the above rules will not be listed or will be removed without comment.