Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)


Risk analysis with the new threat catalogue T 0 "Elementary Threats"

The threat catalogues are fundamental for using the IT-Grundschutz methodology (BSI-Standard 100-2) and the risk analysis on the basis of IT-Grundschutz (BSI-Standard 100-3). With the twelfth supplementary release of the IT-Grundschutz catalogues, the new threat catalogue T 0 “Elementary Threats” was added to the catalogues. In order to use the elementary threats within risk analysis, the risk analysis methodology from the BSI-Standard 100-3 can be used nearly without any changes. The necessary adjustments to the risk analysis methodology are given by the BSI in the “Supplement to the BSI-Standard 100-3”. Together with this supplement to the BSI-Standard 100-3, the BSI provides here also the threat catalogue with the elementary threats.

Threats Catalogue – Elementary Threats (PDF, 722KB, File is accessible)
Supplement to BSI-Standard 100-3, Version 2.5 (PDF, 426KB, File is accessible)

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