Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)


Logo CERT-Bund

CERT-Bund (Computer Emergency Response Team for federal agencies) is the central point of contact for preventive and reactive measures regarding security-related computer incidents.

With the intention of avoiding harm and limiting potential damage, CERT-Bund

  • creates and publishes recommendations for preventive measures
  • points out vulnerabilities in hardware and software products
  • proposes measures to address known vulnerabilities
  • supports public agencies efforts to respond to IT security incidents
  • recommends various mitigation measures

In addition, CERT-Bund operates Germany's national IT Situation Centre.

CERT-Bund's services are primarily available to the federal authorities and include

  • 24-hour on-call duty in cooperation with the IT Situation Centre
  • analysis of incoming incident reports
  • creation of recommendations derived from incidents
  • support during IT security incidents
  • operation of a warning and information service
  • active alerting of the Federal Administration in case of imminent danger.

In addition, CERT-Bund offers comprehensive information for interested individuals by providing warning and information services for citizens which are available online.

For more detail have a look at our RFC2350 document.