Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Taking advantage of opportunities – avoiding risks

The German Federal Office for Information Security as the national cyber security authority shapes information security in digitisation through prevention, detection and reaction for government, business and society.

Aufgaben des BSI

For over a decade now, information technology has been changing our lives at a rapid rate: the Internet and mobile telecommunication have become the foundation for new forms of communication, commerce, and entertainment. Not only private industry has successfully made use of the new technical capabilities: public administrations now use modern IT to optimise their processes and to be able to offer citizens improved services. The term “e-Government” covers numerous online activities and may make many trips to public offices unnecessary in the future.

However, one basic human need must not be ignored: the need for security. It takes the knowledge and action of every person involved to maintain security
in society. This applies especially to IT security since the threats to security often go unnoticed at first glance and are often underestimated. As a national cyber security authority, the goal of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is to promote IT security in Germany. The BSI is first and foremost the central IT security service provider for the federal government in Germany. However, we also offer our services to IT manufacturers as well as private and commercial users and providers of information technology because effective security is only possible when everyone involved contributes. For this reason, we want to work in even closer co-operation with all those working in the IT and Internet industry in the field of IT security.

Finally, all users are called to be just as cautious online as offline, in spite of all the technical security safeguards, to minimise risks and to be able to fully utilise the numerous opportunities offered by information technology and the Internet.