Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)


The more dependent people become on information technology, the more relevant the issue of security becomes. The threat to our society in terms of the havoc that computer failure, misuse or sabotage could cause is greater than ever before. Due to the complexity of IT problems, the spectrum of tasks facing the BSI is extremely wide-ranging. The BSI investigates security risks associated with the use of IT and develops preventive security measures. It provides information on risks and threats relating to the use of information technology and seeks out appropriate solutions. This work includes IT security testing and assessment of IT systems, including their development, in co-operation with industry. Even in technically secure information and telecommunications systems, risks and damage can still occur as a result of inadequate administration or improper use. To minimise or avoid these risks, the BSI's services are intended for a variety of target groups: it advises manufacturers, distributors andusers of information technology. It also analyses development and trends in information technology.

The BSI is organised in five departments, one central and four specialised departments. Each department consists of one to three divisions, each of which in turn comprises a number of sections.

Organizational Chart Federal Office for Information Security (according to §11 Informationsfreiheitsgesetz) (PDF, 125KB, File does not meet accessibility standards)