Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

Technical Guidelines

With the publication of Technical Guidelines BSI pursues the objective to spread appropriate IT-security standards. Technical Guidelines address all parties involved in the installation or safeguarding of IT-systems. They complement the technical test specifications of BSI and provide criteria and practices for conformity evaluations ensuring the interoperability of IT-security components as well as the implementation of defined IT-security requirements. Existing standards (e.g. Protection Profiles based on Common Criteria or interoperability standards like ISIS-MTT) are referenced or complemented by Technical Guidelines.
On initial release Technical Guidelines merely serve as technical recommendations. If referenced by laws or decrees they can become mandatory. Same applies if conformity according to a Technical Guideline is explicitly required as precondition for the participation in public tenders by a official demand carriers.
It is possible for manufacturers and distributors to apply for Certification according to Technical Guidelines and have the conformity of their IT-products or -systems confirmed by BSI.