Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

BSI TR-03105 Conformity Tests for Official Electronic ID Documents


The greatest challenge impending with the introduction of electronic travel documents might be the safeguarding of the international interoperability of electronic passports and the associated reading devices.
To accommodate these factors the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has released the "Technical Guideline BSI TR-03105 – ePassport Conformity Testing (TR-ePass)" in the year 2005. TR-ePass objects to provide test specifications ensuring the international interoperability of electronic travel documents.

About Version 2.0

As a result of advancement of the smart card and RFID technology and as a result of the experiences of the conformity tests of the accredited test houses, the need of adapting the test specifications to the current technical developments came up.
The parts of the TR-03105 were adapted and updated to these innovations. The structure of the TR-03105 was arranged more clearly. Due the need of comparability of the old version and this revised version the structure is similar in its main parts. Thus, the correlation of the parts for the old and the new version ís possible .
With regard to the introduction of the electronic identity card (ePA / eID) the test specification for EAC 2.0 is already considered in the current version of the TR-03105. The extension of the TR-03105 toward eID cards required a change of name. The title "ePassport Conformity Testing (TR-ePass)" was replaced by the title "Conformity Testing for Official electronics ID document".

Structure of the TR

The BSI TR-03105 is divided into several partial documents. Each of them cover a subrange of the smart card and/or reader tests.

Main document

General part

Chip Tests on Layers 1-4

Chip Tests on Layers 6-7

Reader Tests on Layers 1-4

Reader Tests on Layers 6-7

Conformity Certification

For the parts 2 to 5 an application for conformity certification can be submited to the BSI.