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Editorial BSI Magazine 2016/02

Dear readers,

In 1990, the Internet was released for commercial use – a milestone in the history of IT. Since then, the World Wide Web has become a mass phenomenon that has become an integral part of our personal and working life. This has both positive and negative sides.

As commercial Internet use has increased, cyber crime has become a phenomenon which creates a greater sense of anxiety today than ever before.

In Germany, an early, pioneering response to the potential risks posed by the new information technology came in 1991, with the founding of the Federal Offi ce for Information Security (BSI). Over the 25 years since then, it has become Germany’s cyber security authority as the central point of contact for all aspects of IT security. To mark this anniversary, this issue of the BSI magazine includes statements of individuals who have helped shape and support the development of this authority.

This year, we are also celebrating another anniversary which refl ects the rapid rise of cyber crime. Five years ago, the National Cyber Response Centre, was founded. This central cooperation platform pools the resources of the security authorities in Germany. Soon, it will also include all supervisory bodies via the operators of the critical infrastructures. After all, the people who commit cyber attacks aren’t interested in administrative structures or offi cial areas of responsibility. That’s why when it comes to averting risk, cooperation is key.

This principle also applies beyond national borders. For this reason, France and Germany have been collaborating on cyber security systems for many years now. This close cooperation with the French agency for the security and protection of information systems, or ANSSI, is based on trust and shared attitudes to strategic issues, a common position with regard to defensive orientation and a similar high degree of technical know-how.

Certainly, the omnipresence of cyber threats may deter some companies from participating in the digital transformation and be a cause of anxiety to some Internet users. But at BSI, it is also part of our job to take these fears seriously and explain how we can protect ourselves. After all, digitalisation and cyber security are two sides of the same coin. That’s why the BSI, as the national cyber security authority, is creating information security for the digitalisation process through prevention, detection and reaction on behalf of the state, business and society. We support you in learning how to use information technologies safely.

I hope you will fi nd the articles informative and stimulating.

Bonn, September 2016

Arne Schönbohm,
President of the Federal Office
for Information Security (BSI)

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